WCS Professional Diploma students learn about the music industry

Professional Diploma students from Independence and Ravenwood High Schools got a taste of the music industry during a visit to the Sputnik Sound Recording Studio on March 1.

District vocational diploma classes focus on teaching state standards that equip students with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary for employment after high school. Each year, classes are allowed four trips to explore various careers in the community, and their latest adventure took them to a music studio.

“We have several students at RHS and IHS who are interested in a career in the music industry,” said Dawn Edens, RHS Occupational Diploma teacher. “The owner of Sputnik Sound is a personal friend of mine and graciously agreed to visit our students, answer questions and show us around his studio in Berry Hill.”

At the studio, students learned how a song is recorded and produced. The visit also encouraged several students to look into opportunities in the music industry.

“I’m pretty sure we heard ‘that’s so cool’ a hundred times that day,” Edens said. “We researched various careers in our class, but being able to interview a Grammy-winning producer in his studio made that even more valuable.”


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