Upcoming releases: Check out the top 5 new albums we can’t wait to hear in October



With the ghastly Halloween delicacies and the long-awaited thrills and spills of the latest Bond movie to look forward to, as well as International Music Day, World Food Day, World Mental Health Day and of course Mole Day (not what you might think) October has a lot to offer. As the holiday season quickly approaches, there also seems to be extra push to make sure new releases hit the market in a timely manner and aren’t caught in the Christmas chaos. Whatever your thoughts on the inevitable new batch of holiday songs enhanced with sleigh bells, you know there’s no point in competing with people like Mariah Carey and getting lost in the increase in traffic. October is just the right place to make sure your new music is heard and hopefully gaining enough momentum to give it an extra Christmas sales boost. With that in mind, we’ve picked our top five albums that we’re sure will delight your ears this month.

Lana del reyblue ramps

After a prolonged wait, although nothing compared to No time to die, Lana Del Rey will finally release her late album blue ramps October 22. Lana’s follow-up to Chemtrails above the Country Club was originally slated for a June release this year, but has been postponed for various reasons. The new 15-track album will be Del Rey’s eighth studio album. Originally titled Sweet stone candies, blue ramps has already dropped four singles before its release; Textbook, Forest fire and the title song – blue ramps all released simultaneously on May 20, and more recently the latest version of Lana, Arcadia. Having left all social media platforms, Lana won’t be engaging in any self-promotion online, but we’re sure her fans will be more than compensated when they hear her new, largely autobiographical album.

Cold gameMusic of the spheres

The anticipation surrounding Coldplay’s ninth studio album is growing day by day and has increased dramatically following the release of their second single – My world. After the first single from the album, Superior power – Released in May this year, Coldplay upped the stakes on their new collaborative track with South Korean boy band sensation BTS. The new 12-track album also includes songs co-written with … baby one more time producer Max Martin as well as the production tasks of longtime collaborators Bill Rahko, Dan Green and Swedish composer / producer Oscar Holter. After preview Superior power from the International Space Station and then hooking up with BTS, it’s hard to guess how Coldplay will approach the album launch, but we’re sure they’ll have something spectacular scheduled for October 15.

Marissa nadlerThe path of the clouds

A little over three years after the release of his last spectacular solo album – For my crimes, and two and a half after meeting Stephen Brodsky for Bumblebee flower, Marissa Nadler is set to follow this year’s cover album with her latest record – The path of the clouds. Marissa’s new album is perhaps her best work to date, even surpassing For my crimes which was an amazing job. Composed largely on lockdown, Nadler’s new material album contains “songs about metamorphosis, love, mysticism and murder” and will be released via Bella Union on October 29.

Tori AmosOcean to Ocean

Tori’s sixteenth studio album, Ocean to Ocean is his first in four years and follows, Native invader. The prolific and multi-talented artist has been busy creating his latest creation from the confines of his Cornish home. Tori says of her new album that – “It’s a record about your losses and how you cope with them. Luckily, when you’ve lived long enough, you may recognize that you don’t feel like the mom you want to be, the woman you wanna be, the artist you wanna be. I realized that to change that you have to write from where you are. I was in my own private hell, so I thought to myself , so that’s where you write – you already did … “

Self-loveFocus on pleasure

Former Slow Club singer / drummer / guitarist – Rebecca Lucy Taylor is about to release her second album, Focus on pleasure October 22. After the success of his first solo album, Compliments pleaseTaylor built on his confident beginnings as a solo artist and now produces ever more creative, and at times conflicting, compositions that are both steadfast and ultimately engaging. The first single from the album, I do this all the time, released in April, gave us a glimpse of what’s to come with her conversational and personally revealing lyrics. This was followed by the soul-steeped, but industrially augmented title song, and the shameless and pretty bright provocative – How can I help you. Taylor says her album is “13 songs to cleanse me of the guilt and fear of being an overdoing woman and replace that very notion with a celebration of myself.” We have heard three songs and we can’t wait for the remaining ten!


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