Top 5 FIFA 22 songs: soundtracks, albums and more



FIFA 22 adds to the brilliant collection of soundtracks that has steadily grown with the release of the games every year.

Over the years, EA Sports’ versions of FIFA have had some great leads that players can always remember whenever they want. Avicci’s “The Nights”, Kasabian’s “Stevie” and John Newman’s “Love Me Again” are just a few of the great additions fans have received over the past decade.

FIFA 22 offers two playlists dedicated to classic football modes and Volta. Let’s take a look at the top 5 FIFA 22 soundtracks. Once again, EA Sports has released the artist demographics around the world.

The best FIFA 22 songs

5) The mission

Artist: Bakar

Album: The Mission

Genre: Alternative

Country: United Kingdom

The French language

The melodic song is part of Bakar’s single and is the first taste of his debut album. According to the artist, the song tells the story of immigrant children and their need for a better future.

4) eyes on the prize

Artist: Che Lingo ft. Tamaraebi

Album: N / A

Genre: Hip Hop

Country: United Kingdom

The French language

The single is about the racist reaction England footballers faced after the Euro 2020 final. The song is an encouragement for everyone to keep going and work on their terms.

3) good girls


Album: Violence on screen

Genre: Alternative

Country: Scotland

The French language

Straight out of their fourth album, “Good Girls” is about the judgments girls face growing up. The song contradicts the popular saying that bad things won’t happen to good girls.

2) I don’t want to talk

Artist: Glass animals

Album: N / A

Genre: Alternative / Rock

Country: United Kingdom

The French language

Glass Animal’s single track consists of being silent; go with the flow and listen and enjoy the music. Lyrical meanings don’t mean anything, do they?

1) Lifespan

Artist: Swedish House Mafia ft. Ty Dolla $ ign and 070 Shake

Album: Lifetime

Genre: Electro

Country: sweden

The French language

After reunification, Swedish House Mafia, together, released a lifetime. The song is about living your life in this one moment without any regrets. Lifetime has great music that is groovy and makes it a favorite for dancing. Lifetime is easily the best FIFA 22 soundtrack.

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