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How to transfer the future to the present? Swedish pop group ABBA is currently experimenting with digital art characters. Will the experiment be successful?

by Claudia Kristofferson

Women get nervous at 50 and ask for jeans. No kidding. Supported by a study and read recently in a serious daily. My first engagement: Thomas Bernhard, who wrote a piece called Klaus Beemann Buys Pants and Goes Out to Eat With Me. A story about how tiring buying pants can be. So Peyman told Bernard, “Buying pants has always been a tragedy. I don’t know, is it horrible to try on Shakespeare, or six pairs of pants.

Well, Klaus Beemann is a man of the theater who knows how to organize things well, including everyday things. Thomas Bernhard is a writer who has been able to correct sentences with a good dose of sarcasm. The newspaper article I read was not about a man buying stylish, stylish pants, just jeans for women over 50. What’s so cool about it?

ABBA Returns: Everything But “Kai Out of the Box”

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After a hiatus of almost 40 years, ABBA has not changed anything. But the political messages are new. Following

When you reach this age group, it’s not just a challenge to find the right pants in terms of size, fit and color. It’s also not about the fact that the body can change with an increase in the year, one or the other pound on the hips and the old size no longer adapts so easily. It’s about something completely different, the law of memory that’s in those pants. Jeans really started to appear in the early / mid 70’s. A long time ago, another era, a different attitude to life. If we remember, the images of yesteryear return. Being whole is overwhelming and emotionally shaking and seems to make women cry today.

The music for it comes, from that time on as well, from the pop group which also excites a lot, not just women, these days: dad. The Swedish group have just released their new album “Voyage” after a hiatus of more than 40 years. It was founded in 1972, and two years later it was launched worldwide with “Waterloo”. And now I just came back. Although it’s not as easy as “Kai out of the box” either.

Time traces also in ABBA

Your back is very well prepared Your music resembles the sound it had back then. But the effects of the weather just didn’t trickle down to the four Swedes. But when ABBA hits the big stage next spring, audiences will be faced with the so-called Avatar. Digital art characters forever beautiful, young, flexible, dynamic, without wrinkles, without wrinkles, without physical ailments. As an avatar, Agnetha, Frida, Bjorn, and Benny can jump, jump, and dance as if they were still young.

The philosopher Ernst Bloch has always been interested in the question: what does the future look like? How to predict the future? In his seminal work The Principle of Hope, Bloch sought and examined contrasts with the fragile present. He knew the power of reverie, the power of consumption and the landscapes of dreams in painting, poetry and music.

Is the illusion convincing or disappointing?

ABBA’s incarnations are trying to enter the future, into a utopia. They pull the future into the present and make everyday life in the present more beautiful and lasting for their fans. But a doubt remains. When the world of Avatar opens up next year: will illusion convince or virtual reality lead to disappointment?

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