The CGTN launches the theme song of the Winter Olympics “musical relay”



CGTN’s Musical Journey kicked off an all-new special edition of the Winter Olympics on Saturday, bringing together musicians from home and abroad to produce a Beijing 2022-themed musical composition “Together, for a Shared Future.”

The four musicians from different cultural backgrounds are required to produce one minute each of composition based on their own musical styles and understanding of winter sports and Beijing 2022 within seven days in a relay format. The end result will be an exclusive Olympic-themed melody for CGTN.

Asr: keyboardist

Born in 1990, Asr is a Mongolian from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China. He plays the matouqin, or morin khuur, and the horse-head violin, a traditional Mongolian bowed string instrument.

Mico: drummer

This electronic music producer, drummer, DJ and traveler has performed in 35 countries and regions. The talented artist leads the JungleMico Project group and has been on the front page of the American music blog Electro Wow.

Doctor Victor: DJ

Dr Victor is a full-time physician in Iceland, but also performs as a professional musician and DJ. He played music at vaccination sites during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in Iceland to allay people’s fears.

Carlo Facchini: Composer

The master of Italian music, Carlo Facchini, led a popular rock n roll band when he was young. He is now eager to add final touches of classical and romantic Italian music to the CGTN Winter Olympics theme song.

Please stay tuned to CGTN to find out how the musicians overcome cross-cultural challenges and barriers over the coming weeks as they show off their passion, fun and hard work in creating musical themes for a special occasion. .


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