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NAMM Summer 2021: The Boutique Guitar Showcase is one of the highlights of any NAMM show, and this year’s scaled-down show in Nashville was no exception.

A curated selection of some of the world’s most innovative and desirable guitars, Boutique Guitar Showcase is the brainchild and passionate project of Jamie & Roberta Leah Gale. For NAMM summer 2021, the Canadian couple have assembled a selection of instruments that encompass everything from stripped down hotrod cool – check out Wild Custom Guitars’ new Billy Gibbons signature model, complete with the Gyrock rotary pickup system, in the picture which opens this article – to advanced acoustic violin making. Read on for a selection of our favorites.

iVee Guitars Legend Special 6S

Indonesian luthier Ivan Mulia pays homage to the tradition of the cigar box guitar and legendary musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin with this aluminum design that incorporates a stand and mini-amp. Visit iVee Guitars to learn more.

Giulio Negrini Guitars XV Anniversary Morgoth

Inspired by Tolkien’s main antagonist Silmarillion, this forward-facing electric guitar design combines vented / multi-scale fret geometry with the True Temperament system. If you think it’s wild, check out the Shen.

Vilhelm Engström Mini-Reso Guitars

Swedish luthier Vilhelm Engström specializes in flat-top acoustics with ladder bracing and metal body resonators and says his ambition is to capture the spirit of blues, country and pioneering string guitar music. in steel. Find out more.

JOI Hemp Guitars

Canadian luthier Reuben Forsland is responsible for the world’s first traditionally built hempwood guitar, an innovation that has huge implications for sustainability. In order to ensure that the instrument is structurally sound, Forsland has incorporated carbon fiber and kevlar honeycomb material into the design for added strength. Read the full story via JOI Guitars.

Lucem Guitars Paradox Series 2

Lucem Guitars Paradox Series 2

Handcrafted in Cumbria, England, the Paradox was designed in collaboration with former Verve guitarist and versatile six-string genius Nick McCabe. Store specs are artfully blended with vintage and offbeat influences on this updated model, and you can find out more here.

Sankey Guitars Char

This construction by Michael Sankey celebrates “humanity’s oldest tool”: fire. Bevels and cuts are sculpted after charring, leaving tool marks intact, and the finish is fully stabilized to ensure you don’t get black marks on your stage equipment. Learn more about this unique build on the Sankey Guitars website.

LHT Fugue Guitars

LHT Fugue Guitars

The Fugue is an asymmetrical archtop from California luthier Tyler Wells with an arm bevel integrated into the upper sculpture and a sound hole design that projects forward but also gives the player some of that soundport style perspective. Visit LHT Guitars to learn more.

Matsuda guitars n ° 92

Matsuda guitars n ° 92

When Japanese luthier Michihiro Matsuda isn’t causing a headache for luthiers around the world, he’s busy pushing the boundaries with some of the most innovative builds we’ve ever come across. Learn more about the old Somogyi apprentice’s work here.

Atelier Rosenkrantz Honfleur

Rachel Rosenkrantz is a French luthière based in Providence, Rhode Island with a background in architectural design. The Honfleur is a semi-hollow model made of sipo wood, eggshells, lacquer and gold leaf. In a nod to durability, Rosenkrantz has adapted the Fishman Fluence pickup with a rechargeable USB battery. Find out more here.

Visit Boutique Guitar Showcase for details on upcoming BGS events.

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