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Like all other industries and businesses across the globe, the music industry has also faced multiple upheavals over the past 18 months. With shows, concerts and music festivals completely on hold until a few months ago, the musicians and everyone associated with these live events have been hit hard, not only financially but also emotionally. Other than that, even some studios have had to close. While many events, shows and concerts have already started, looking back on the past year, music artists wholeheartedly agree that there has been a silver lining until 2021 …

“We have adapted and perfected our skills”

Singer Jonita Gandhi, who has given us many melodic tracks including “The Breakup Song”, “Gilehriyaan”, “Yaadon Mein”, “Aahista” and others, says the pandemic has taught musical artists to s’ adapt. “The pandemic has forced us to learn to pivot very quickly to use digital assets. In general, the music industry is experiencing a very abrupt transition to digital in all respects, but that still leaves many without work, transitioning to other sectors or learning new trades. Fortunately for some, we were able to adapt to virtual concerts and standardize remote recordings. ”

Aaman Trikha who had a ten year career in Bollywood and appeared on albums like ‘OMG: Oh My God!’, S’on of Sardaar ‘,’ Khiladi 786 ‘and’ Prem Ratan Dhan Payo ‘among others, adds, “This period of pandemic has been used constructively by artists to develop and hone skills, knowledge, exploring new dimensions of musical ideas in terms of songwriting and songwriting.”

“The pandemic made us appreciate life and music”

Known for tracks like “Akh Lad Jaave”, “Kinna Sona”, “Phir Mulaaqat” and others, singer Jubin Nautiyal is someone to whom the pandemic has been a revelation. For someone who used to do about 22 gigs in 29 days, the multiple blockages were initially a shock. He tells us, “The pandemic hit us suddenly, and we all had no work. I think that’s when I realized how important music was to me. When I found myself in (first) confinement, I realized that I hadn’t been home like this for eight years! I started to learn a new language and to sing in English. I did a song for the Hollywood thriller “Initiation” called “Breaking The Rules” during the pandemic. Additionally, I decided to do my first “Rooftop Concert”, then the “Garden Concert” followed by another live fundraising concert for the downpour disaster in Chamoli. While he realizes that we have lost a lot during the pandemic, he agrees that we have all fought back too. “There are always two sides of the coin. I hope we will see the light again soon, ”he said.

“Even songs that are not movies have started to be appreciated”

Most musicians feel that there is a completely new and significant change in the way music is viewed now in these times of a pandemic. Aaman says, “A good song now holds its place whether or not it appeared in a big budget movie; it could be a non-cinematic single, an indie or a web-series featuring or whatever. And this has been possible thanks to a new digital revolution that this pandemic has brought with a lot of original content created and distributed on streaming platforms, independently. Artists now offer musical content with out-of-the-box experiments and audiences are more accepting of this as well. ”

“The pandemic has given us time to release more new music”

Most musical artists believe the pandemic and the lockdown that followed gave artists and singers plenty of time to work and improve their craft. Singer-songwriter and performer Mallika Mehta says, “I’ve seen a lot of artists come out with new music over the past year or so. In fact, I had more time to write new music and release four original tracks in 2020-2021. The pandemic has given singers time to focus on making new music, working on skills and projects we couldn’t make time for earlier. This part was definitely a godsend. I learned to play the chords myself during the pandemic and see how it helped me create better music. Digitally, we had many more opportunities to connect with our audience, whether through Instagram lives, Facebook lives, or even zoom sessions.

“Content was king during the pandemic”

Singer Shibani Kashyap believes the type of response her songs elicited during the pandemic was much better than the days before the pandemic. “My last song passed the five million views mark in just one month,” she says. Apart from that, the singers also collaborated a lot more on independent songs for charity during this time. “I was able to sing a prestigious piece dedicated to the Corona warriors which is an initiative of the central government. There are Kailash Kher and Sudesh Bhosle with me. So I think a lot has happened in the music industry when it comes to content and I think it’s given a lot of opportunities for artists to express their music because people were really looking forward to listening to some good serious and new content. ”

“Artists of all ages have become digital savvy”

In the last year and a half, almost every musicians, young and old, have turned to the digital platform. Ghazal singer Talat Aziz said: “I started to interact with my fans through social media.” The pandemic not only gave artists the opportunity, but almost forced them to become digital enthusiasts. “I wasn’t digital savvy, but this pandemic made me tech-savvy and I became practical when it comes to digital platforms,” says Shibani.

“Monetization is done slowly but surely”

Audio streaming platforms like Gaana, Spotify, Wynk, Amazon music, Apple music are thriving at the moment. Shibani adds, “And this is only due to the pandemic and its repercussions, too much content is being created and new content is being rolled out every day. It’s a game of patience and the monetization of it all comes slowly but surely.

“New sources of income have appeared”

Faced with adversities such as the pandemic, many unsuspected ideas have germinated. “Many digital collaborative platforms have sprung up where celebrities can wish their fans personalized videos and get paid for it. There are many search platforms out there and it is a new source of income for everyone. I feel like the industry is finding its way and finding parallel ways to earn income and express itself. I think we’ve all adjusted and changed and that’s the biggest positive that has come out of the pandemic, ”Shibani said.

Mourjo Chatterjee, who has worked in the music business for a long time now, believes the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise. He said, “Because of this, people have become more aware and enjoy wrestling. The world is a few years behind, but the future looks brighter as everyone begins to value life, relationships, and commitments.

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