Nugget Records rings in the daytime from the cassette store with charity bands, markets and live music all weekend long



Come all, devotees, and listen to your lo-fi call. For the glory and spirit of the ’80s have been rewound and resurrected from the dusty crates of yesteryear. Saint Cassetius rose with a message for all music lovers and audiophiles everywhere. Rejoice! For the holy feast of Cassette Store Day is upon us again, 15-17 Oct, in the sacred temple which is coffee nugget, with debates led by a litany of musicians, artists and labels.

Okay, enough of that… Any fan of proper format knows that the two holiest days on the calendar are Record Store Day and Cassette Store Day, those annual celebrations of the earliest pagan incarnations of music before the Digital conquistadors did not break into the old musical order, remaking every compressor, limiter and pedal in their own image. It’s no surprise, then, that Beijing’s de facto proselyte for all things DIY and culture of cassettes, nugget records, is gearing up for yet another Cassette Store Day weekend to spiritually fill analogue devotees. from the capital.

The Saturday and Sunday festivities kick off with a separate market each day – a cassette / music market on Saturday and a fanzine market on Sunday. Likewise, on Friday, October 15, there will be performances by cold wave and electro psych-pop wizard Sourtower, the fantastic sonic explorations of MFmachine, and the quietly percolating rumination of singer-songwriter Queyue. Then, on Saturday, one of the capital’s newest (and, according to this publisher, the best) shoegaze acts, The Claptraps, will be booked by two astute electronic producers, West by West and the inimitable Looooongish Cat.

If that weren’t enough, in true holiday spirit, nugget will be releasing a limited edition series of cassettes, all proceeds of which will go towards purchasing musical instruments for a rural mountain primary school in Liangshan, province. from Sichuan. As nugget co-founder David Carey explains, “Music is something that binds us all together. As a new emigrant to China many years ago, I was struck by the similarities between traditional music here and at home in Ireland… At times like these, when it seems the world is moving away more and more… we need music like we never have before. before.”

Saturday and Sunday markets are free from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., while performances on Friday and Saturday start at 9 p.m. and cost 60 RMB in presale, 70 RMB at the door, or 100 RMB for a two-day pass. For more information and to purchase tickets, scan the QR code on the poster above or click on here.

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