NewJeans’ ADOR Agency Releases Detailed Statement Clearing Up Controversy Surrounding Band’s Debut Single “Cookie”

NewJeans poses for a photo (Image via Twitter/@NewJeans_ADOR)
NewJeans poses for a photo (Image via Twitter/@NewJeans_ADOR)

The new girl group of HYBE and ADOR NewJeans found themselves in a controversy over the lyrics of one of their lead singles, Biscuit.

The five-member group consisting of members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein officially debuted on Monday, August 1, 2022 with the EP NewJeans composed of four tracks – Attention (which was released as a surprise to fans on July 22, almost a week before the official release), followed by the other three titles – Hurt, hype boyand Biscuit.

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While the band were praised for their fresh and new music and vocals, they found themselves struggling with their title track. Biscuit. After a period of constant debate and intense discussion, NewJeans’ ADOR agency has released a detailed and thorough statement explaining the “true meaning” behind the lyrics of Biscuit and how he doesn’t make sexual references as some people claim.

The ADOR denied Biscuit was a double-meaning song, instead explaining that the song simply compares NewJeans to the warmth and comfort of cookies (snack).

NewJeans’ ADOR agency states that the song revolves around “the twin idea of ​​burning CDs and baking cookies”.

NewJeans’ agency ADOR has released a lengthy and detailed statement clarifying the controversy raging around the band’s title track, Biscuit and the “apparently” innunedos referenced in the track.

The statement began by thanking fans for showing their love and support for NewJeans and showering them with much praise and appreciation for their self-titled debut EP.

ADOR revealed that Biscuit is the first leap forward in NewJeans’ musical career and showcases the natural charisma and talent the members possess and continue to show through song.

#LOVE#NewJeans Cookie 論議 について 説明 Cookie という 言葉 女性 の の 生殖 器 指す 指す 隠語 こと こと について 「英 英 英 博士 通訳 通訳 翻訳 、 ネイティブ ネイティブ スピーカー 外国 に に 確認 確認 し 結果「 「通常 通常 れる ではない ではない と と と と と と と と と と と と と と と と と と と と と と と と と と と とた 結果 「通常 使わ 概念 ではない」 いう いう いう いう 意見 「「 通常 使わ 概念 ではない いう いう いう いう 結果 「「 通常 概念 概念 」と いう いう いう が 多数 であり「 その その 意味 ある の か か か か か か か調べた」との意見

The New Jeans agency revealed that the four tracks follow a chronological story and have their own part in telling a story, including Biscuit.

According to ADOR, Biscuit is consciously focused on music and “turns[s] around the twin idea of ​​burning CDs and baking cookies.” In Korean, the concept has a similar connotation that foreigners may find difficult to grasp.

They went on to say that the idea behind Biscuit was to let fans know that they can find warmth, solace and solace in the band’s music, much like we do with sweet snacks, in this case a Biscuit.

Their concept was to demonstrate that just as a piece of cookie can elevate even the most mundane meal, the music, fresh talent and artistry of the quintet can elevate them to greater heights while still remaining the humble “cookie “.

They said:

“The song’s underlying message is the value of NewJeans’ attempt to create new and original music. That’s why, while we produce NewJeans’ music and all related content for everyone to enjoy, it’s “not free” and can only be found with us ADOR, pointing listeners to the whole message that the band ultimately aims to convey through their debut album.

They revealed that the music video starts with a cookie and ends with a CD release. They believe Biscuit is the perfect way to end the four-song EP, just like this delicious snack is the perfect way to end a meal.

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They revealed that Biscuit has no sexual or adult content. Additionally, the agency confirmed that the song’s lyrics were written with the help of a large team of experts, including two native English speakers: a Korean and a Swedish woman in their thirties, and that the song also had was translated by a bilingual Korean.

They also revealed that they consulted with English teachers, consultants, professional translators, and bilingual K-pop fans to make sure they didn’t offend or hurt anyone’s feelings.

ADOR has apologized to fans, saying it’s unfortunate that there’s been so much controversy surrounding the lyrics of Biscuit, causing fans discomfort. They concluded the statement by saying they hope that now that the allegations against Biscuit have been resolved, fans can put this chapter behind them and enjoy the group’s promotional activities.

[공지] ADOR에서팬분들께 드리는글

Explaining Controversy And K-pop Fans’ Reaction To ADOR’s Statement On NewJeans’ Song Biscuit

Many fans believe in the title Biscuit is extremely problematic because it heavily alludes to a woman’s private parts. The lyrics, according to the audience, have a double meaning and are very inappropriate and sexually provocative to sing for a group of minors. Sample the lyrics below:

“I hide it, but I want to see you more” and “Take it, don’t break it, I want to see you taste it”.

Fans also claimed that the song was written in a derogatory way to appease the male gaze and that ADOR’s detailed statement didn’t help matters. For example, a mother of a toddler expressed discomfort with Biscuitexplicit lyrics.

Fans also raised an issue with the outfits of the girls in the music video. Biscuit compared to uniforms or resembling secretaries.

@alldoorsoneroom As an English and Korean bilingual and mother of daughters, I don’t know how anyone could read “Take it, don’t break it, I want to see you taste itSugar, got sugar, bet you want some” as anything else that suggesting oral sex. Or 달콤한 맛만 디저트만 만 원하게 될 거 알잖아

@alldoorsoneroom My daughter is only three years younger than your 막내 and I can’t believe anyone thought it was a good idea for her to sing such lines. Your cynical use of Korean age to try to age girls so that the youngest (born in 2008) doesn’t look like teenager 중학생 is truly shocking.

Others were pleased with the lengthy explanation provided by ADOR and look forward to more promotional material from the organization.

In related news, the girl group recently released the Biscuit dance practice video on their official YouTube channel.

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