‘Maybe, baby’: Yungblud hints at collaboration with Miley Cyrus E! News UK

Yungblud declined to deny collaborating with Miley Cyrus on her upcoming album.

The “Mars” hitmaker has been “baffled with creativity” this year and has two albums in the works.

The first, its chart-topping sequel in December, “Weird! ”, Should be released in 2022.

And in a new interview, the “Fleabag” frontman was silent when asked about rumors he teamed up with the “Midnight Sky” frontman as a duet.

He said of his third studio album: “It’s a killer. Wait, it’s almost over. I have two albums ready but I’m finishing the one I need to release.

Regarding Miley’s gossip, Yungblud told The Sun’s Weird column, “Look, I can’t divulge this information. Maybe baby. “

In January, Yungblud updated fans on their album’s progress on Instagram Live.

He said, “I’m in the studio. We have been locked up here. I was so crazy-creative! I literally almost finished another album, which is just fucking mental. I can’t wait for you to see.

“Loner” rocker – real name Dom Harrison – released his debut album, “21st Century Liability,” in 2018, and recently shared how he thinks he’s progressed over the past two years.

He said: “I don’t have to hide behind uncertain anger like there was on my debut album, ’21st Century Liability’.

“I’m much more reasonable than before instead of barking straight back, which I was doing because I had been hit with pain and aggression and suffered a backlash all my life.”

The “cotton candy” star enjoys experimenting with his sound, but admitted that he finds the music industry “depressing” because people are so keen to label it or classify it in a field.

He said: “This is what I found so depressing about the record companies and the press. One day I wear a dress and fishnets, the next day a costume. One day I want to do a hip-hop song, the next day a metal song. This is who I am. We do not care? This is my generation.

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