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Published on August 08, 2022 at 2:45 p.m.

A Texas man has been charged with using financial information to steal money and order liquor and spirits from various liquor stores in multiple counties.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed by the Pennsylvania State Police – Fern Ridge Barracks:

Alusine Lovell, 21, and another man conspired and engaged in a conspiracy to commit theft, receive stolen property and possess an instrumentality of crime to collect or use financial information not belonging to them.

Lowell and the co-conspirator would then use this information to steal money not belonging to them and then put that money on credit and debit cards.

They would then call Pennsylvania state liquor stores in various locations and order liquor and/or spirits worth approximately $825 per order for curbside pickup at various stores in Pennsylvania. state liquor in Monroe and Northampton counties and Philadelphia.

They committed these crimes at least eight times for purchases of $6,600.

Police said they would then drive to the scene in a rented U-Haul van, enter the stores and collect the fraudulently purchased alcohol/spirits, then drive off to an unknown location.

This had happened at least five times at the State Liquor Store in Brodheadsville, as well as other locations.

On July 23, soldiers observed the white U-Haul van traveling south on Weir Lake Road, Chestnuthill Township, at 107 Kingsley Drive. Lovell exited the U-Haul truck and entered the Pennsylvania State Liquor Store. The truck then continued south on Weir Lake Road to an unknown location.

Lovell picked up the order worth about $825 and loaded it into a silver Honda CRV, which then drove through the parking lot, stopped at a stop sign, then didn’t use the left signal when turning.

Police stopped Lovell’s vehicle in Chestnuthill Township.

Lovell stated that his accomplice would then resell this liquor/spirit to other unknown persons.

Lovell had four of these credit/debit cards which Lovell said were only used to commit these crimes and not for any other purpose.

The investigation is ongoing with other members of law enforcement currently.

Lovell faces eight counts of theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and willful possession of an instrumentality of crime.

Lovell is currently in the Monroe County Jail in lieu of $30,000 bond and is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing Aug. 12 before Brodheadsville District Judge Colleen Mancuso.

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