KingDonna, a rising star of the house music industry


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Pretoria – Years from now when South African dance music is written, it won’t be complete without the name of Donald Thabo Seleka, commonly known as KingDonna.

The 26-year-old pioneer in the house music industry is an avid DJ and relentless producer. He was born in Boksburg but grew up in the village of Tafelkop in Limpopo.

“Since becoming Donald, most of my friends I grew up with called me Donna – even now they still do. So I decided to add King to it to make it sound more catchy, ”he laughs.

He describes his music as African electronics with a touch of technology.

“To put it simply, I turn my life into melodies. This is what sets me apart from my peers.

“All the melodies that I involve in my music are challenges that I have taken on and steps that I take every minute of my life.”

He scratched his head when asked about his musical influences. “It’s a difficult question,” he said.

“I wouldn’t say it necessarily influenced my sound. Rather, it is about providing endless inspiration. A quick list off the top of my head should include Kususa, Da Capo, and Enoo Napa.

KingDonna chooses Mahamba and Bashimane as his biggest singles to date. “These songs have grown my fan base, and most people now know who KingDonna is and what he does.”

KingDonna said he had always been drawn to music since he was young. “I could sit for hours and listen to music.

“I discovered that music is what I really love and that makes me really happy; you know what they say – make your hobby your job and you will never work for the rest of your life.

When asked what he liked about being a music producer, he replied, “I can express my feelings through music and as a DJ I can travel doing what I do. love”.

His music, he added, was aimed at building, not destroying, relationships and people in general.

KingDonna also takes the time to listen to what other producers are creating. His current playlist includes Atmos Blaq, TorQue MuziQ, Silvva and “Obviously Myself”.

As the summer holidays approach, KingDonna will soon be releasing a new EP, featuring one of the most acclaimed vocalists, Helper RSA.

He also plans to have new music at the end of November, with Pablo Escco.

“Next year I plan to release more EP. I can’t wait to get back to the studio to give my fans some top notch music.

South African music was growing incredibly, he said.

“Just look at people like Shimza, who are trying so hard to push the sound, which is a good thing for us emerging producers,” he added.

His message to his fellow producers and artists is: “Let’s continue to support each other so that we can grow together. ”

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