Crossword of the day: From hang to toha … musical instruments you never knew existed!

The unique sound of the Turkish yaybahar is mesmerizing and resonant.
Image Credit: YouTube / Yaybahar

You may be familiar with the harmonica, but have you seen or played a glass harmonica? While musical instruments like the guitar and piano are beloved around the world, there are many more that are so unique and quirky that they deserve a second look.

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Here are 5 unique ones that you would need to see to believe:

1. Armonica glass

armonica glass

Glass armonica
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Mararie

If you’ve ever touched a glass with a spoon and heard a pleasant clink, you probably have a general idea of ​​what the glass armonica looks like. The instrument comprises a series of glass bowls of different sizes, and the sound is produced by the musician rubbing his fingers on the glass. This unique instrument is the invention of Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States.

2. Hang on

hang the drum

hang the drum
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Michael Paschk

It is not a verb – the hanging or hanging drum is made of two sheets of steel and has various bumps that are intentionally hammered into it. When the musician hits the bumps, they create specific notes.

3. Yaybahar

This instrument has Turkish origins and is a fairly recent invention. Fully acoustic instrument, its coiled strings produce vibrations when played; the vibrations are then transformed into sound in the membranes of the attached drums. The unique sound is hypnotic and resonant, and feels completely new to listening ears.

4. Pyrophone


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Ji-Elle

Functioning like a pipe organ, the pyrophone has long, meticulously tuned tubes that resonate at specific frequencies. The burners are used for rapid combustion inside the tubes – the vibration of the flames produced in the instrument acts as a unique oscillator which creates rich, deep sounds.

5. Toha


Image Credit: YouTube / Victor Gama

Also known as the totem harp, the instrument was created by Angolan composer Victor Gama. Inspired by the nests of an extinct species of Angolan birds, the instrument was created with the intention of evoking their spirit. Two musicians can play a toha simultaneously.

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