ARMY alert! BTS V Singer Talks New Music; said ‘I was working until dawn…’

The BTS members have been busy working on their solo content as well as group activities. Since the start of their “Chapter 2,” there hasn’t been a single day off for ARMY as there has been an abundance of new releases by the boys. But hey, who’s complaining?

It is known that all the members are currently working on their solo music. They are gearing up to release individual albums one after another. J-Hope was the very first with his album, jack in the box. Now the next one could be anyone.

Late, whenever one of the Bangtan boys is asked what he is doing, his answer will be the same. All have something in store for us but cannot say when they will share it. For now, their time is just passing in the studio. Even V talked about it today, September 18, and said he was in the studio all night.

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For those unaware, Jimin went LIVE today on Weverse. While he was talking and answering ARMY’s questions, his bandmate and pal of 95 one-liners had fun spamming the comments section. He left a number of replies, including an update on what he did.

“I was working on music until morning and woke up,” he wrote, asking Jimin what he was doing. The Serendipity the singer replied to him saying that he was doing the LIVE. He also added later that indeed Taehyung was very busy. The two continued to have a full conversation that way.

As for the labor front, the inner child The singer hasn’t said anything about what he has planned and when it will be released. But one thing is for sure, the members are all ready, and an announcement from one of them can happen when you least expect it.

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