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In honor of Record Store Day 2021, All That Music and Video has opened its doors at 9 a.m. on June 12, two hours earlier than their usual opening hours. Last year, Record Store Day was split into three days to account for social distancing. As Covid-19 case have declined and people are becoming more comfortable going out and attending events, Record Store Day 2021 has been divided into two days: June 12 and July 17.

Record Store Day is a global event that honors and celebrates independent record stores. Every year, record stores around the world celebrate by selling special records and albums, which are often exclusive and in limited edition, specially designed for Record Store Day.

All That Music and Video has been celebrating the annual event since 2008, but this year the store had its biggest attendance yet.

Some record stores have their own traditions, but the staff at All That Music and Video keep it simple – they offer exclusive records and albums. They aI am happy to meet the record to collect customers as enthusiastic as they are.

“I thought it was interesting” mentionned George Reynosa, owner of All That Music and Video, mentionned when he heard about the celebration for the first time.

“What we have that day is only offered at independencetthis (discs), so you won’t find them online or in big box stores.

The store had record aisles specifically for Record Store Day. You might find limited edition records and album boxes from artists such as Deftones, Prince, Ella Fitzgerald, Elton John, among many others classic the musicians.

Last year, All That Music and Video didn’t expect to see so much traffic on Record Store Day.

“The pandemic took everything apart last year, so they postponed it,” Reynosa said. “I don’t know if we are going back to Record Store Day in the future as we come out of this COVID era, but it has been very successful.”

Joey Martinez was one of the many customers who lined up outside the store to take a look at some edition notices. Like Reynosa, he was happy to see the participation of customers for the special day.

Martinez and his family did not feel safe leaving their home around this time last year.

“To finally see that stuff coming out again and that we can go out and buy something is great,” Martinez said.

Reynosa said Record Store Day is split into two days for distribution purposes.

“The supply chain for the distribution and manufacturing of vinyl is so bizarre,” Reynosa said. “There are so many people who want to participate in some limited edition stuff for Record Store Day. COVID and capacity limits have affected our industry, so they spread it out over two days.

All That Music and Video was closed for three months after the first COVID-19 case has been reported in El Paso. Since he reopened in June 2020, Reynosa noticed more customers.

“We are grateful,” Reynosa said of the possibility of continuing his business.

“What we’re doing here is fun, you don’t have to buy anything, but it’s just fun looking at all the old records. It’s great, especially for us, because we’ve never stopped selling records.

Reynosa aims to move its store to a larger space over the next year to expand its record selection.

“It’s an evolving business and it’s allowed us to explore the market more, so hopefully we’ll be able to offer more,” said Reynosa.

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