2022 New Years Honors for UK Service Abroad and Abroad

  • The Queen’s New Year Honors honored 122 people for their outstanding service to the UK abroad or abroad
  • awards recognize extraordinary people in a variety of fields, including this year the achievements of Britons around the world in fighting COVID-19
  • actor Daniel Craig and songwriter Bernie Taupin among this year’s winners

The list of Honors Abroad and International New Year 2022 was released today, recognizing 122 extraordinary people for their service in the UK and its overseas territories. These include contributions made in the areas of business, charity, culture, development, education, foreign policy, health, security and sport.

Among those receiving awards this year is actor Daniel Craig, who has gained worldwide fame for playing the role of James Bond. He receives a GCM, the same award that his fictional character had, in recognition of his exceptional contribution to cinema.

Songwriter Bernie Taupin, best known for his long-term collaboration with Sir Elton John, receives a CBE for his exceptional services to music.

This year, the awards recognize a number of extraordinary achievements made by UK nationals who have supported the global fight against COVID-19. These include Rod MacKenzie, Director of Development and Executive Vice President of Global Product Development at Pfizer, Sean Marrett, Commercial and Commercial Director at BioNtech and Melanie Ivarrson, Director of Development at Moderna for their development support services. of vaccines and distribution. Honors are also awarded to those who have provided exceptional support to British nationals abroad during the pandemic.

Sir Philip Barton, Permanent Under Secretary for Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and Head of the Diplomatic Service, said:

I congratulate all who receive an honor and thank them for their hard work and years of service. The UK’s impact in the world depends on outstanding individuals like those recognized this year as part of the Queen’s New Year honors. We are grateful for their exceptional contribution.

This year’s Honor List recipients include:

Robert stringer

Sony Music Group Chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment receives a CBE for services to the British creative industries, social justice and charity.

Rob Stringer is recognized for his exceptional and sustained contribution to the UK music industry as well as to charitable causes and the fight against discrimination. A transformative figure in the UK music industry for over 4 decades, having risen through the ranks at Sony, he has nurtured exceptional talent, consistently championed UK artists and UK creative industries across the world and has worked tirelessly to support artists from various backgrounds. .

His recent initiative to tackle racism and social injustice with a £ 75million Sony Music fund, which directly benefited UK charities working for equal rights and tackling structural inequalities, is recognized as a flagship model in the industry.

Dr Mary Cusack and Dr Catherine Morris

Pediatricians, Love the One Charity, India, both receive a OBE for health and child welfare services in India.

Mary Cusack and Catherine Morris are recognized for their exceptional contribution to vulnerable children and their families in India. Dr Cusack and Dr Morris are former National Health Service pediatricians. Fifteen years ago, after graduating together in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene at the University of Liverpool, they made the decision to travel to India with the mission of bringing health security, education and advocacy. to some of the country’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable children.

After 5 years of working with non-governmental organizations and learning about Indian culture and tropical medicine on the front line, Dr Cusack and Dr Morris established the Love the One organization in Berhampur, Odisha. Through their inspiring vision and dedication, they created an integrated community ecosystem comprising a children’s center, a clinic, 6 early pediatric intervention care centers and a school. Through their work they have saved and transformed lives and brought hope through selfless volunteer service and brought great credit to the UK.

Upon learning of their awards, May Cusack and Catherine Morris said:

We are completely shocked and totally humbled to have received a OBE. It is such an honor and we accept it with gratitude on behalf of our team that we work with here in Odisha, India, without whom we could not realize the dream of providing healthcare, education and service. care for some of India’s poorest children.

Melvyn tennant

Oracabessa Bay Sea Turtle Project Founder / Director and Senior Director, Jamaica receives a MBE for marine conservation services in Jamaica.

Melvyn Tennant is recognized for her exceptional and long-term contribution to marine conservation in Jamaica. After initially moving to Jamaica to retire in 2003, Melvyn Tennant quickly became aware of the precarious position of turtles on the beach near her home who were being killed and their eggs stolen. With little support at the time and no previous experience in conservation, Mr. Tennant decided to take action to protect turtles and this is how the Oracabessa Bay Sea Turtle project was founded in 2005.

Since then he has spent the past 16 years educating people and confronting poachers to keep sea turtles safe on the beach he now calls home. During nesting season, he and his team watch the beach vigilantly. Their daily night and day patrols have increased the number of hatched turtle eggs from 37% in 2005 to over 80% today. Each year, the project releases approximately 18,000 critically endangered hawksbill turtles and attracts thousands of visitors to watch the releases. His work has now expanded and successfully partnered with other conservation projects in the region and with the Jamaican government to promote and preserve the Jamaican coastline and marine environment.

Upon hearing of her price, Melvyn Tennant said:

When I retired from teaching to live in Jamaica the very last thing I thought I would do would be save sea turtles. I am grateful for the recognition of the award to both myself and my team and for the support provided by the National Environmental Planning Agency which oversees the government’s response to biodiversity and marine conservation.

Shirley wrigglesworth

The Social Officer / Coordinator of the British Association for the Alpes Maritimes and Var, receives a British Empire Medal (BEM) for service to the British community in south-eastern France.

Shirley Wrigglesworth is recognized for outstanding voluntary contribution to the British community in South East France. She joined the British Association for the Alpes Maritimes and Var over 15 years ago and quickly took on the key role of Wellness Coordinator for the British Var Association.

During her long service with the organization, Ms Wrigglesworth has provided crucial and far-reaching support to members of the British community in times of need, including finding local temporary accommodation for British families in difficult times, organizing financial aid and helping family members living abroad, arranging funerals for British nationals who died in France. Currently working with Riviera Lifeline, Ms Wrigglesworth is also helping other groups helping the UK community, including liaising with the SunnyBank association to provide access to housing for the elderly.

Upon learning of her award, Shirley Wrigglesworth said:

Surprised, delighted and very honored to receive the award. I would also say that I did not work alone and that there are a lot of people who have helped me to make sure everything is going well. I consider it to be for them too. With special thanks to my husband, Mike.

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