🇸🇪 Molly Sandén excludes the return of Melodifestivalen 2022



Molly Sandén, triple Melodifestivalen veteran has ruled out a return to selection … for now. Although it is open to Eurovision, it is not currently seeking to participate in the national final. In recent years, the career has grown steadily, both in Sweden and beyond.

In the latest episode of The Euro Trip Podcast, Molly Sandén has ruled out a return to Melodifestivalen. After representing Sweden in 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and has participated in the Melodifestivalen three times (2009, 2012, 2016), she thinks her Melfest days are behind her.

If I could go straight to Eurovision I would. For me, it’s scary to compete with music. I’ve done it so many times and every time it’s so scary. I’m doing this big arena tour early next year and I’ll be busy with it. But I will definitely watch these shows, I always do, I love it.

Molly Sandén speaking on the Euro Trip podcast

However, Molly did not rule out appearing to the selection to some extent.

You never know, maybe I’ll be there anyway.

Molly Sandén speaking on the Euro Trip podcast

About Molly Sanden

Molly has participated three times in the Swedish national team. In 2009 with “SÃ¥ vill stärnorna”, 2012 “Why Am I Crying” (his best result so far with a fifth place) and in 2016 with “Youniverse” (finishing in sixth place).

Since Molly Sandén started releasing music in Swedish, she has sold out tour after tour in record time and has been aired nearly 315,000,000 million times on Spotify with songs such as “Rosa Himmel” sold at 5x platinum and “Sand” sold at 4x platinum record. His album “Det bästa kanske inte hänt än” – The best may not have arrived yet – has been praised by critics and fans and won prestigious awards such as Pop of the Year, Album of the year and Grammy Artist of the Year. Awards and Guldmicken (for best live artist of the year) and Pop of the year on P3 Gold. Earlier this year, she released the album “DOM SKA VETA” with similar success.

She also achieved incredible international success after her inclusion in the soundtrack of the hit Netflix film. Eurovision: The History of Fire Saga. Not only was the soundtrack a hit in the charts and in streaming, but the song “Húsavík” was nominated for Best Original Song at the 93rd Academy Awards.

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